Time and Jazz

Thursday, August 23, 2001

The covergirl jives to this jazz infusion - coffee skinned and dangerously thin- the warm toned Donald Byrd blasts her into trance dance with the Back Disciple track- sexy music

A fresh random selection -The Blue Series sampler on Blue Note - Always There By Ronnie Laws - An electric blast of chunky jazzpower with real soul

Its banished the barking dogs, silenced the squirrels and woke the people next door

Theres some rough beauty in this bag

In the blink of an eye - Sam's own composition fizzes electronically - scatters into sky and road -the high registers on the keys will they reach into the stars

Cool Jazz is truly the template for late night relaxation after a busy blue day in the city

Sam Yahel's disc has rotated to Inception, a Mcoy Tyner tune

Little Sunflower - As the Organ interplays with Peter Bernsteins enlightened guitar and Brian Blades gentle drums - the trees outside, swish gently in the last breath of breeze

Late night beat - the throb of the neighberhood -waves of dog barks ,passing cars, then walls of quiet space, he switches it on, opens the window to gently waft the sounds of jazz into the heady mix on a warm night

Sam Yahel Organ plays Little Sunflower